Church Health Resources

The health of the churches of the Ontario MB Conference is one of the chief concerns of the Faith and Life Team. We offer facilitation and coaching for two tools that are made to increase church health: Natural Church Development (NCD) and Refocusing.


Natural Church Development is a way of measuring the health or quality of a church. By using a carefully prepared questionnaire with 30 members of a church, the survey will determine the healthy of your church in 8 critical areas. These quality characteristics are universally used in building healthy churches!

* Empowering Leadership
* Gift-oriented Ministry
* Passionate Spirituality
* Functional Structures
* Inspiring Worship Services
* Holistic Small Groups
* Need-oriented Evangelism
* Loving Relationships

The first word or phrase of each of the above characteristics is the key (empowering, gift-oriented, passionate, functional, etc). The focus of this process is not only to identify the health of a church, but to implement ways to actually strengthen the least healthy characteristics.


Refocusing is a two phase envisioning process for church leaders and their churches to discover and clarify God’s call on them in engaging their mission. Phase one is all about focusing leaders (pastors and church leadership). Phase two is all about refocusing ministry. Although it is recommended that a church get involved with both phases, there are times when only one or the other are appropriate. For more information, please download the ABCs of Refocusing document and/or contact Dave Jackson, our Canadian MB Conference facilitator.